Curly Points

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▪︎Share this on story = 200 points  (20% OFF)

▪︎Share review on story = 300 points (30% OFF)

▪︎Leave a review on website = 400 points (40% OFF) 




▪︎ 20% OFF = 200 points

▪︎ €7.50 OFF = 300 points

▪︎ 40% OFF = 400 points


* 1 comment on our Instagram post will count as 75 points. Multiple comments per post will not give you more points. 

** All review should be honest and you cannot place same reviews: you cannot copy and paste your reviews. All reviews should be honest based on your personal experience with the product(s). 

*** You can collect one of each reward every day. For example: if you share us on your story and tag us, you will collect 100 points. You will not receive 200 points if you tag us twice the same day. If you wish to collect 200 points by sharing us on your story, you need to wait 24hours after your story expires to share us again on your story and retag us, and then you will collect 100 points again. Another example: 1 comment a day counts as 75 points. You will not receive 150 points if you comment on two different of our posts on the same day. BUT: You can comment, share and tag us every day (for example) and collect 75 points for a comment and 100 points for a share and tag every day. Website reviews should also differ. You cannot place exact same words in a review as reviews should be honest and NOT fabricated! 

Soo... that was a lot of reading and understanding. If this is not clear enough and you would like for me to explain to you more in depth, please contact me. I answer fast! I will also explain in Dutch if you prefer so.


After commenting, we will dm you each time you comment on our posts, or share and tag us on your story. If you leave a review on the website, send us a screenshot!