Long, Defined and Healthy Curls

This is what you need to know.

This image right here is a piece of hair under a microscope.

Your hair has three layers. The outside layer (and the one you need to remember) is called the hair cuticle. 


A perfect hair strand under a microscope

Virgin/ untouched hair, in theory, is supposed to look like this (see image below). There is zero damage to the outer layer of the hair, called the cuticle.

Damaged hair cuticle

However, we constantly touch, style, comb, wash our hair (or at least we hope you do). By doing these we create friction on the outside cuticle, causing damage. See image below.

The temporary fix

Damaged hair cuticles are unavoidable. These damages are the reason why your hair can break, why it's frizzy and dry, and why it wont curl like it's supposed to. But... there's a fix: some ingredients are able to coat and penetrate the hair's cuticle, making it strong bouncy. Your hair will gain its natural curl pattern back temporarily, depending on which ingredient you use. (See image below).

You only need these two hair masks: a protein hair mask and a deep conditioning hair mask.

A protein hair mask forms a protective layer on top of your hair cuticle (see the yellow line in the image above).
A hydrating hair mask is able to penetrate your hair cuticles to provide nutrients to the inner part of your hair strands as illustrated in image above. (see the blue fill ins in the image below). This is why hair masks are extremely important if you want gorgeous, defined curls! 

We cracked the code

After years of combining different plant-based ingredients, we finally cracked the code on what our hair needs to thrive and came up with two hair masks that will change your hair for ever. 

Our curl defining Strawberry Hair Smoothie is a deep conditioning hair mask that will define your curls while feeding your hair strands from the inside out. See for yourself below! And read the reviews before you go for it.