Extreme Growth Scalp Solution + Nutrition Balance

Extreme Growth Scalp Solution + Nutrition Balance

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• Faster hair growth              • Thicker hair strands

• Combats frizz & dryness   • Activates curls & coils


 ↠ ONLY CONSISTENCY will show you results: repeat this combination weekly or every two weeks.

 ↠ I highly advice you to sleep with a satin scarf/bonnet.


How to combine:

▪︎ Clean scalp with a shampoo

▪︎ Work paste into hair starting for the bottom working your way up to the roots. Don't apply on your scalp:

▪︎ Apply the Extreme Growth Scalp Solution on your scalp from back to front covering every area.

▪︎ Put on a plastic cap and cover head with a towel for 30 minutes minimum.

▪︎ Rinse out only using water, and style as usual.


Instructions Nutrition Balance:

1. Add warm water to two tablespoons*** of Nutrition Balance to make a paste

2. Allow paste to sit for 15 minutes. Add more water if paste becomes too thick and let it sit for additional 5 minutes.

3. Add extra virgin olive oil.

4. Add a few drops of the fragrance oil after you finish making the paste.

*** Add more powder according to your hair length and density.


》》 Hair Mask Recipes《《


Extreme Growth scalp solution 125mL + Nutrition Balance 150g 


***We do not advise to use if you are pregnant!