Extreme Growth Scalp Treatment + Curl Defining Hair Mask

Extreme Growth Scalp Treatment + Curl Defining Hair Mask

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This combination hydrates, nourishes, and defines your curls and coils while growing your hair thicker and fuller!

 ↠ I highly advice you to sleep with a satin scarf/bonnet.

↠ Bigger bottle = Better results. Keep in mind that it takes time to see results! 75mL of Extreme Growth Scalp Treatment is a sample size. 


♡ 75mL + 125mL   -   Sample size

♡ 250mL + 250mL  -   Recommended size (new bundle, was before 125mL + 250mL)


How to combine products:

1. Shampoo your scalp to remove dirt/product build-up

2. Apply Extreme Growth Scalp Treatment on your scalp

3. Apply Hydrate & Repair on your hair 

4. Put a plastic bag over your + cover head with a towel for 1 hour minimum to create a steam/warm effect. 

5. Rinse out only using water (not shampoo) after minimum 1 hour and style as usual. 


🖐 Handmade with:

Marshmellow root, olive oil, ginger root, nettle leafs, chebe powder, mix of herbal oil and horsetail extract (horsetail is a medicinal plant, amazing for hair thickening).


***We do not advise to use if you are pregnant!