Extreme Growth Scalp Solution + Intense Scalp Oil

Extreme Growth Scalp Solution + Intense Scalp Oil

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↠ ONLY CONSISTENCY will show you results.

↠ Results are seen ONLY if you take care of your hair properly! Dry hair breaks off and you wont see results. If you have dry hair, try our Curl Defining Hair Mask.

↠ I highly advice you to sleep with a satin scarf/bonnet.

↠ Bigger bottle = Better results. Keep in mind that it takes time to see results! 


♡ 75mL + 30mL  -  Sample size

♡ 125mL + 250mL  -  Recommeded size


Instructions Extreme Growth Scalp Solution

• Use Extreme Growth once or twice every week for maximum results. 

  1. Cleanse scalp with shampoo (NOT a cowash)
  2. Apply Extreme Growth Scalp Solution on scalp. Start from bottom and work your way up covering every area.
  3. Apply a deep conditioner/hair mask on your hair strands. 
  4. Put on plastic bag over your hair + cover head with a towel for 2 hours minimum or overnight.
  5. Rinse out only using water (not shampoo) while scrubbing scalp (with finger tips) and style as usual.

Results are seen WITH consistent use.


Instructions Intense Scalp Oil:

• Use the intense scalp oil everyday or every other day on edges, on thinning areas or apply on entire scalp followed by a gentle massage. Move fingers in circular motion very gently for about two minutes for maximum results.



》30mL Intense Scalp Oil + 75mL Extreme Growth Scalp Solution

》125mL Intense Scalp Oil + 125mL Extreme Growth Scalp Solution

》125mL Intense Scalp Oil + 250mL Extreme Growth Scalp Solution


Please check for allergies or reactions within first few days. Stop using if these occur.